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Yacht Management

Refitting a yacht can be a daunting and stressful experience, which is why successful refits are overseen by a knowledgeable and qualified project manager.

Yacht Maintenance Refit Repair Management has the skills, expertise, and experience to act as this link between the shipyard and the client, ensuring the efficient and smooth refit of your yacht

Serving as this knowledgeable and professional liaison, our Project Managers will propose suitable refit yards, suppliers, designers, contractors, and specialists and work with these third parties to ensure a successful outcome of the refit project.

Services available include:
  • Pre-planning and assessment of work
  • Appraisal and selection of suitable repair yards
  • Obtaining quotes, costing, and financial control
  • Technical advice
  • Purchasing and logistical assistance Provision of specialist contractors
  • Full-attendance project management
  • Class and Flag State involvement in repairs and modifications

For more information on how Yacht Maintenance Refit Repair Management can assist you with your yacht refit, please get in touch with our specialist.

Repair, Maintenance & Refit

France has lengthy been classified as an economic « snoozing big however in current years its rapid boom and growing worldwide have effect has alerted the rest of the arena to its ability. Though this announcement holds right the underlying reality is that also someplace deep down in our hearts all people follow the stereotypic notion of « saving ». The analogy of this announcement may be made to the magnificence of Yacht Refit & manage in a very witty way. Customers right here are very sensitive approximately the protection and alternative fees. From there onwards till date we’ve got finished severa tasks, conversions and keep to attain this with the help of our skilled and nicely-licensed team.

  • Technical Management of the refit
  • Yacht Management Services
  • Provision of staff: Technical supervisory staff, skilled and unskilled labor / crew
  • Hard Space and Dock Space
  • Services at dock: electrical, office space, water, sewage disposal, security, towing, pilotage, dock and port liaison
  • Hull washing, tank cleaning, rusting and painting
  • Underwater works: anodes, propellers, rudders and shafts, seachests, bow thrusters, engine and machinery overhauls.
  • Teak decking installation and repairs
  • SS and Brass chandlery supply
  • Supply of International Yacht Paints and Awlgrip products
  • Technical know-how of painting process and painting of hull and superstructure
  • Engineering services: Liaison with suppliers and contractors for new installation of main engines, gensets and air-conditioning
  • Electrical services
  • Supply and overhauls of navigation and communication equipment
  • Supply and overhauls of safety and fire systems
  • Interiors refits: Designing and execution
  • Canage for lifts, supply of porta cabins and containers, etc.
  • Supply of equipment and spares from France and Overseas suppliers
  • Transfer, clearing, and forwarding of spares to different parts in France.
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